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Winter in the mountains is a fantastic time to be amongst the hills. The winter scene can be so magical. When hills are draped in snow and ice, they take on a whole new character, becoming a formidable and enthralling classroom. The Mountains of the UK offer amazing winter excursions, when under the majesty of the Arctic chill.

During winter it may be necessary to move through the mountains on skis or snowshoes. Certainly if your not bagging roadside ice in Rjukan you may fancy some touring on the Hardangervidda Plateau. Outdoor-Ambition can guide and ensure you gain the most from your winter mountain experience.

Outdoor-Ambition Ltd offers winter climbing and winter mountaineering in both the UK and overseas. This can be from proficiency training with winter skills to guided routes allowing you to push your grade whilst in the safe and competent hands of are instructors and guides. Outdoor-Ambition can deliver warm friendly trips designed around your needs and expectations. Accommodation and travel can be integrated into the package. It really is up to you!

Climbing Masterclasses can be arranged with Alan Hinkes (UIAGM), UK or overseas. There is no limit to the development opportunity. Push your grade or gain a fabulous mountain experience, Alan can certainly help you achieve this.

What we offer

Outdoor-Ambition Ltd offers a series of training and winter mountain experiences:

  • Winter Navigation
  • Winter Skills
  • Snow Holing expeditions
  • Winter Mountaineering
  • Guided Winter Days

Are Winter Courses for you?  If you wish to extend your hill walking in to winter this season, plan to make excursions in the winter mountains this coming year or you wish to develop the correct techniques and skills for safe efficient movement on snow and ice then Outdoor-Ambition’s winter courses are definitely for you.

Climbing a snowy mountainWalking in the snow at nightClimbing a snowy mountain

In recent winters the conditions have been superb to say the least!  The Lake District has offer some delightful days out.  We are please to say that we will be operating packages in the Lake District as we are confident that good conditions will prevail.


We provide qualified instructors with real knowledge of the hills and the current conditions.  We will always make the best of the conditions allowing you to experience the full benefit of the winter mountain play ground.

The Winter Skills course focus on basic winter walking skills with the Winter Mountaineering course developing a more specialist techniques to allow you to remain safe on steeper more exposed terrain.  We also have the skills to help your reach your winter ambition. 

WINTER SKILLS - 2 day                      

If your hill walking experience has been mainly in summer conditions then this course provides the ideal introduction to winter hill walking.  It provides you with the key skills you’ll need.  Hill walking in winter is an enjoyable and rewarding activity but it does require special skills to enjoy the hills in safety. You’ll learn how to use ice axe and crampons, effectively.  Self arrest on steep ground, navigate accurately in the harsh winter conditions and develop the confidence to deal with the inclement winter conditions.  This course is idea as a family winter experience.  Should you have questions or concerns as to the minimum age of participants please just call.  We also offer this course as a Junior Package, to allow those under 18 to stretch their experience.


This 2 day course is specifically designed for those with experience of winter hill walking who wish to develop a deeper understanding over the winter mountain environment.  This course will look at navigation in great detail, snowpack and risk assessment.  It will help you gain skills for safe passage in the winter environment.  There will also be a heavy emphasis on the use of the rope, snow anchors and belays.  We take a good look at the emergency procedures too.  It is more physically arduous than the Winter Walking course; however it is well in the ability of the moderate hill walker. As with all the courses we always review the fundamental skills before we progress. These fundamentals underpin all of our training.

Sunrise over a snow capped land

Snow Holing Expedition – 4 Days, 3 nights

A chance of a life time!  Snow holing as an experience not to be missed!  It will never be forgotten.  If you wanted a challenge with a reward that will not be rivalled then a session of Snow holing on the 4000ft peaks of the Cairngorms, is the one.  Snow holes deliver the most relaxing night’s sleep, awake to a morning brew of fresh coffee then view the amazing morning light in the deep Cairngorms.  Priceless!  Stargazing is another benefit to this excursion, they are truly awesome.  These expeditions make a superb family break.

The course consists of a fundamentals training day were we refresh the full range of skills, then a night in accommodation ready to venture out on the hill for a lengthy expedition.  All additional snow holing equipment is provided as part of the experience, this includes rations for the expedition.  We believe snow holing to be the ultimate in the outdoor experience.  Stoves, fuel, snow shovels, shovels, probe and transceivers are provided.  Please call us for further details full itinerary

Walking above the clouds at sunrise

Winter Navigation- On request

The winter navigation course is designed to take the summer mountain navigator to the more detailed level.  Contour interpretation and accurate measurement of distance are essential in winter!  The winter navigation course is on request; this course is will ensure you have the skills to venture off the beaten track.  Course can be tailored for a specific skill.  It will allow you to venture further on you next excursion.  This course will enable you to have the skills required to navigate in confidence through the mountains and use sound techniques to appear on target when required.  The course will also cover night navigation.  Skills will be practised and enhanced throughout.

Guided Winter Days – On request

Winter days are an opportunity to get on the mountains under the guidance of an instructor allowing you to experience the thrill and excitement of the hills.  This is an ideal taster session!  The routes are classics too.  Should you wish to have a bespoke winter day, or even gain some tuition at a 1:1 basis then maybe a Guided Winter Day is for you?  We can sculpt the days to meet your desired mountain or route. January

Equipment.   The price includes the loan of ice axes, crampons, and helmets.  Should you require other items these can be loan should the need arise.  Boot hire is also available.

Walking on a snow capped mountain

Accommodation.   All packages can be provided with the added extra of accommodation; last season saw more people chose to stay in a B&B in the local area.  If you want us to take away the stress please just call and discuss this with us.  However should you just require guidance and some local knowledge for your stay then please say as we can recommend some very comfortable venues.  The Snow Holing Expeditions are inclusive of accommodation.   

Transport.  We offer a collection service should this be required. Collections from local Railway Stations are possible, as is the link to local airports. Communication is key; just call and discuss your plans should you require assistance.  For clients travelling exclusively by public transport we offer a £15.00 per person discount!

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