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White Water Tubing is Outdoor-Ambition’s latest activity!  It is the next level in or water based activities.  It allows you to experience the river in a whole different way!  Take the Salmon challenge of dropping through a cascade, or surviving a stopper.  Linking sections of white water to deliver the thrill of your won Outdoor-Ambition!  Once you get comfortable with the tubes you can surf stoppers and catch eddies all day.  It is a mixture of river swimming and white water paddling!  The Purpose built tubes are reinforced to take the knocks and handles at the ready to steady yourself during your adventure.  The tubes are light, simple to use and great fun.  This allows you to get your White Water fix in a very real way!

There are 2 different types of Tubing trips:

White Water Tubing.  You will navigate your way through a gorge, jump into lovely deep pools surrounded by smooth natural rock.  We then take you on a gentle float down through the gorge where not many have gone before!  This new experience will not be found anywhere else.  Ideal for groups with mixed abilities.  Built within this session is an optional Ghyll Scramble.

White Water Tubing

White Water Adventure Tubing (With optional Cliff Jumping session).  The same river as our white water swimming and cliff jumping sessions, but this time it includes tubes!  You will spend time training to safely swim the stoppers and understand the water.  Once we have training you up, off we go! The journey starts!  Navigate through the rapids and dodge rocks on the River Tees.  Not for the faint hearted. This is an iconic journey through the best sections of the upper Tees.

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It is awesome and nobody else offers this activity in the North East!  Ideal for adrenalin junkies that are looking to try a new pulse racer!  It is a great work out too!


When can I do it?   March – October

White Water Tubing is a superb option for small groups or even a family.  Bolt this to another activity too.  This works great as a multi activity day or weekend.  We can take a maximum of 12 people at a time.

Bridge Sept 2010

All groups are equipped with full wetsuits, neoprene socks & gloves, then the normal PPE too.  You will be toasty warm!

Childcare!  We run bespoke White Water Tubing for juniors too.  The experience can be worked as a full or half day of childcare should the school holidays not fit!  We provide all the specialist equipment you require.

Prices start from £22.50 per person.

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