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Outdoor-Ambition will focus student's efforts through Leadership and Initiative training (L&I). This will nuture their sense of responsibility, confidence and tolerance of others. This style of activity will aid to mature individuals and encourage them to work as a team. All activities have a purpose and are enjoyable with robust code of discipline throughout.

Outdoor-Ambition concentrates on a full and dynamic alternative education product. The methods used will ensure value for time and money; they empower the students. This aids in their development guiding them to be mature young people, who may re-integrate into mainstream education. The product offered by Outdoor-Ambition; will be delivered by enthusiastic instructors with a true passion for the outdoors and an understanding of life.

We deliver experiences that will help students motivate, build respect for both themselves and others, and most importantly achieve their potential. The packages that we offer are not just for interest but they are vocational awards that add value to any record of achievement.

The Leadership and Initiative package constructs solid foundations, this establishes the ground rules for discipline and engages with the students to develop their ability for tolerance, communication skills and the ability to work as a group. The L&I package has linkages to all areas of Outdoor-Ambition's modules. It is the most effective method for focusing students in discipline and teamwork. It also encourages all students to increase their lateral thinking. Building upon their ability to lead and develop plans. This is a different way of learning and is based on sound military training and experience. Field and classroom exercises guide students to develop an efficient approach to any problem. This package offers a stimulating and educational programme for all. It can be in the form of interest periods and external instructors and speakers. Industry and recreation facilities are used to enhance the quality of our product.

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